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Herstory Past Life

A closer look at Tyrone Ross's 'The Gorgon Medusa Herstory' Episode 2, Past Life, illustrations.
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La vata e o neal episode 2 scene 2 lr copy

Medusa was a loyal high priestess to Athena, goddess of wisdom. By the age of 19, she was the only priestess to lead worship ceremonies
at her great temple, the Parthenon, every month and during the days of festival.

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Many temple worshipers wanted to pay homage to her as if she were a queen, or a goddess. Medusa wondered if these acts of kindness from the people is what drew the attention of Athena and Poseidon.

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Was Athena so threatened by Medusa's status that
she would abandon and curse her? To allow Poseidon to desecrate her temple? What goes on in the minds of these gods, if we dare call them that?

La vata e o neal episode 2 scene 5 lr copy

Nonetheless, the days Medusa spent in the temple were the happiest she could remember, aside from growing up on a small farm with her parents, two sisters and older brother.

La vata e o neal episode 2 scene 6 lr copy

At the age of 10 temple priests came for her to serve Athena in her temple. They all expected Medusa to be a simple servant girl but all were surprised when she was chosen above all others to become a high priestess.

La vata e o neal episode 2 scene 7 lr copy

She made Airlea (Air-Lee-ah), a young maiden, her personal servant. She became like a little sister though who she adored dearly.

La vata e o neal episode 2 scene 8 lr copy

Captain Theron, who commanded the soldiers of the temple, had taught Medusa the ways of the sword, shield, spear and hand-to-hand combat. She developed deep feelings for him but it remained unknown.

La vata e o neal episode 2 scene 9 lr copy

Up to this point Medusa had no regrets for the life she lead and was happy, content and thankful to be where she was. However, it was not her fate to be blessed but to be cursed.