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Herstory The Gorgons

A closer look at Tyrone Ross's 'The Gorgon Medusa Herstory' Episode 3, The Gorgons, illustrations.
Script created by Tyrone Ross.

Did you know Medusa had two other Gorgon Sisters? Did you know that their powers were similar to hers in that they brought a swift and painful death to any that gazed upon them? The Gorgons Stheno and Euryale have played a crucial role in Medusa's life during her century-long exile. It is time to tell their story...

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Let us discuss Medusa's Gorgon sisters, Stheno and
Euryale. The other two gorgons spent over one hundred years with Medusa.

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Stheno was most vicious, with blood like acid and a killer’s nature unsurpassed by any other, including the false deity Ares. She enjoyed the killing of human men in particular and struck without mercy.

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Euryale was more pleasant in nature. She had the mentality of a child but could be a brutal foe if provoked. She was the only one
to cry over Medusa's “death”. As Stheno was more concerned about revenge than mourning.

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Medusa lost track of these two creatures after all the years that went by before she was self-resurrected.

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It is possible they met their deaths at the time when both the grand palace of the Greek gods and the underworld of Hades cease to exist. Though it was doubtful to Medusa as they are immortal.

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It may surprise you to learn that Medusa missed them. The two demons that were despised and equally held hatred for mankind. They were sisters after all.